John Roese: Building the Future with AI, Cloud and 5G (Episode 41)

This conversation is part of the Future of Work Pioneers Podcast. Today we are speaking with John Roese, the Global Chief Technology Officer of Dell Technologies. John has 20 years of industry experience, including executive leadership of large scale, complex, global R&D organizations. Prior to joining Dell, John held a series of senior leadership positions including CTO at Nortel Networks, Broadcom Corporation, Enterasys Networks. and Cabletron Systems.

GUEST INFO: John Roese


03:00 – 09:16 : 6 emerging technologies impacting digital transformation

09:17 – 14:37 : Securing 5G Technology

14:38 – 19:27 : 4 things 5G Technology can do that 4G can’t

20:21 – 26:58 : Careers, reskilling, upskilling, and opportunities with the revitalization of the telecommunication sector

26:59 – 32:15 : AI & 5G as a great equalizer and strategic advantage around the globe

32:16 – 39:05 : AI as a user of infrastructure and how it’s fundamental for the future of technology

39:07 – 46:14 : The multi-cloud era is here to stay

46:15 – 52:05 : The benefits and potential of Edge Computing

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