Faces Behind The Mic

Show Hosts

Harpreet Singh

Show Host & Producer

Harpreet Singh is the Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy, a Harvard-incubated Future of Work talent cloud platform that enables pipelining of pre-vetted AI and high-tech talent. He works at the intersection of Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT, developing strategy, roadmaps, advanced algorithms and data products for Fortune 500s. In the past he has served as a Chief Analytics Officer and has also led cross-functional teams in global execution of product development, business strategy, operations, and technology functions. He managed the program management initiatives for sixty technology start-ups from Citigroup’s e-Citi Venture Portfolio Office. Harpreet subsequently established the Project Management Office (PMO) for FX Alliance, a global foreign exchange platform, where he was responsible for enabling project and risk management functions for New York, London, and Tokyo locations. Harpreet earned Master’s and PhD degrees from Harvard University, where he also served as a faculty member.

Parnaz Kaur

Assistant Producer

Parnaz Kaur brings a fusion of technical prowess and creative flair to her role as Assistant Producer of the Future of Work Pioneers podcast. With a keen eye for detail and narrative flow, Parnaz is at the forefront of video editing, ensuring each episode is not only engaging but also optimized for maximum reach across various social media channels. Her adeptness with cutting-edge software tools and processes is unmatched, reflecting a commitment to excellence in digital storytelling.

Away from the dynamic world of podcasts and academic pursuits, Parnaz is a connoisseur of the arts. Whether it’s the melodious strings of the Dilruba that she skillfully plays or the vibrant strokes of her oil paintings, her artistic endeavors are a testament to her multifaceted talents and passion for cultural expression.

About Our Podcast

In Future of Work Pioneers podcast Dr. Singh, Founder & Co-CEO of Experfy, and his guests will provide a much needed perspective on what the future of work looks like from the trenches.

Dr. Singh’s guests are at the forefront of technology innovation and workforce transformation. These thought leaders have largely influenced the way we work and will continue to do so. Dr. Singh, and his guests will discuss topics ranging from HR & Talent to AI & Emerging Technologies to Leadership.

If you’re curious about how pioneers are shaping the future of work and what that future may look like, this a podcast that you should not miss.