Michael Fraccaro: Mastercard, Future of Jobs & Culture (Episode 3)

This conversation is part of the Future of Work Pioneers Podcast. Today we are joined by Michael Fraccaro. Michael Fraccaro is the Chief People Officer at Mastercard. Michael Fraccaro provides great insights on the Future of Work, Contingent Workforce, Jobs, & Culture.

GUEST INFO: Michael Fraccaro


0:09​ – Introduction

1:19​ – Michael Fraccaro’s Background

6:48​ – What does the Future of Work really mean?

12:59​ – Rise of Remote Work?

14:58​ – Contingent Workforce at Mastercard

16:09​ – Hurdles to Overcome for Contingent Workforce

18:53​ – Culture at Mastercard – Key Principles

25:21​ – How did Mastercard scale its Culture among 20,000 people?

30:47​ – Future of Technology and Jobs

34:14​ – Culture of Learning at Mastercard

37:02​ – Emerging New Role of HR

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