Thomas Kochan: Future of Work and a New Social Contract (Episode 2)

This conversation is part of the Future of Work Pioneers Podcast. Thomas Kochan is the George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management, a Professor of Work and Employment Research, and the CoDirector of the MIT Sloan Institute for Work and Employment Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Kochan focuses on the need to update America’s work and employment policies, institutions, and practices to catch up with a changing workforce and economy.

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0:00 – Introduction

0:39 – Thomas Kochan’s background

4:44 – Rousseau’s Social Contract

6:36 – Who has the power?

9:11 – Looking at other countries & US state-level initiatives

13:21 – Hurdles & challenges for Future of Work

16:17 – The crisis of AI/Automation

21:13 – The collaborative approach & its potential

26:12 – Upskilling the workforce of the future

30:38 – Skills-gap & Skills of the Future

34:06 – The “voice gap” & The Demographics Involved

42:32 – MIT MBA assignment

45:44 – Blockchain and it’s potential

50:21 – The Gig/Freelance Economy

54:09 – The future of work in 30/50 years

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